We offer multiple solutions so that you can reach your audience online. From consultancy and strategy, to development and advertising, all our services are designed to obtain the best results for your company.

Through us you can:

  • set up a clear new media strategy
  • advertise your products and services with new media
  • implement communication platforms in order to interact with your target market
  • create online support for your brands
  • produce stunning ads for increased visibility.


Our portfolio provides a quality audience measured through also quantitative and qualitative methods. The whole audience is structured in 14 segments based on their primary target:

Cars: 120 000 unique users,
Business: 320 000 unique users,
Education: 160 000 unique users,
Entertainment: 420 000 unique users,
Health: 180 000 unique users,
IT and Communications: 210 000 unique users,
Lifestyle: 320 000 unique users,
Mobile: 5 000 unique users,
Music: 350 000 unique users,
News: 200 000 unique users,
Portal: 180 000 unique users,
Sports: 150 000 unique users,
Women: 220 000 unique users,
and Youth: 53 000 unique users.

Based on your necessities you can use our tools to reach your target: you can use display ads and rich media to captivate the user's attention, you can use text ads, you can reach them directly in their email boxes through newsletters or you can reach them directly on their phones with mobile ads; you can use targeting to address the people at specific hours or on specific days (time and date targeting), based on their location (area/location targeting) or you can choose how many times they will see your ad (frequency targeting).


Why should you use THE ONLINE CHANNEL? Because

  • the internet user is open to advertising
  • some user categories (eg: youth, students) are harder to reach through traditional media
  • this is another media channel through which you can communicate
  • you can see your campaign performance in real-time
  • we can optimize your campaign on-the-go
  • you have access to advanced statistics regarding user behaviour when interacting with your ad.

Why should you use OUR SERVICES? Because
  • we are SKILLED: our people have experience of more than 4 years in the online advertising market
  • we are OPEN: you can access your advertising campaign data 24/7
  • we add VALUE to your products and services by engaging your target customers directly where they are active, when they are active.


We will get back with some more info here as soon as possible. Don't be mad at us :)