We have an extensive knowledge of the Romanian online advertising market. Through our careers we have been involved at different levels with all the majors players in this market and we played a part in the sales teams of ARBOmedia, Netbridge and Intact.

Our Approach

We have learned some things from those previous experiences:
  • that the independent websites have the biggest potential, if provided with the right tools
  • that a sales house cannot manage a huge number of websites without a properly sized sales team
  • the quite traditional "guaranteed amount" (of money) system is not a motivational system, on the contrary
  • that we need to think and act like one entity, both the sales house and publishers - in order to move things in the right direction
  • that the Romanian market is still growing and things (standards, interest, creativity, investments) we'll improve in time, so we need to be patient and contribute to the growth in every way we can.

We started focusing on the ideea of being YOUR PERSONAL SALES DEPARTMENT, with all that comes from this approach.


We are commited to the following guidelines:
  • Digital4 creates clear sales & marketing strategies for each of our publishers
  • Digital4 establishes strong relationships with all our publishers by sharing all the relevant information from the market
  • Digital4 provides constant feedback regarding the products that we represent
  • Digital4 is 100% transparent on issues like the sales figures, the sales actions and income sources - detailed reports for each of them
  • Digital4 is focusing on maximizing revenues through all the specific and non-specific online advertising channels (display, text, video, search, contextual, behavioural, email, PR articles, etc)
  • Digital4 integrates a powerful and stable ad server application


We'll provide some feedback from our publishers as soon as possible.